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Authentic & Driven

"Megan's biggest strengths are her effort and creativity. When one avenue closes, she welcomes it as a chance to further improve upon what was done before.

Megan creates bold and innovative ways to drive engagement with our audiences and is well-versed in current social media trends, along with trends in technology, and has leveraged cutting-edge AI techniques to increase our press output and reach."

- Madeleine Philbrook, Synced Together


Powerful Video Assets & Strategies

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Video Content Marketing

Formed and fulfilled brand-building content for marketing, nonprofit, government, Finance, Healthcare, quantum computing, and cybersecurity clientele


Branded Documentary

Over 10 years in video production with multiple short and feature length documentary credits including Producer, Director, and Associate Producer


Team Management

6 years of remote and in-office national and international team leadership resulting in consistency and excellence in content marketing across social platforms



Let's work together if...

  • You need to increase your perceived value to investors, customers, and hires.
  • You want to leverage content marketing, but it has you overwhelmed and stressed out.
  • Your audio podcast is ready to become a video podcast.
  • You are ready to announce a big win, partnership, or initiative with branded content.
  • You know you need video content, but you don’t have time or expertise.


We're not a fit if...

  • You are looking for a part-time creative
  • You want to check a checkbox of having video, but don't expect it to produce results.


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