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We're ready. Are you?

Video is powerful. Wield it well.

At Poppy Plum Media, we work with businesses who have the courage and ambition to be real. 

We capture the core of who you are and what you do, so it can be seen, appreciated and shared. Let us help your story bloom, so you can get back to changing people’s lives.

Our process is simple.

  • Planning: We prescribe video strategies to solve problems or seize opportunities.
  • Production: Our crew of experts handle the gear and coordination of production from start to finish.
  • Post-production: Review and hone your message before our editors deliver the final video.
  • Implementation: We collaborate with your team on strategies they can use to promote your new video assets.

Bring your passion.

Be ready to get real.

Video is the path back to true communication.

Handwritten script reads Megan Turner

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Close up of woman gesturing over caption that reads

Megan is so easy to work with, and she makes video so much fun. She knows her stuff inside and out, she really listens and she makes it happen.

She gets it. She gets what you need to do to run a successful business, she gets what it means to deliver a great product and she knows what her clients and students need.

Sarah Walton

Business Coach and Entrepreneur

Game on Girlfriend Podcast

Working with Poppy Plum Media felt like a natural process. It was simple. I didn’t feel awkward on camera and didn’t need to ‘act.’ I could do my job and be comfortable being filmed.

For COVID Baby, our whole human experience was disrupted and altered by the pandemic. It meant facing the unknown and uncertainty during a very vulnerable moment. Birth is the most human event ever, but it can’t be scripted. Seeing Megan be willing to be so vulnerable shows her willingness to go to any length to be real – for herself and her clients.

Shalene Massie

Doula and Childbirth Educator


Doula holds pregnant woman in hospital room.
Screengrab of man smiling at his uncle.

The video business card's been phenomenal. It's raising my perceived value. When I meet with people it shows them, 'Hey, he's confident in what he's doing. He's got his story down and he knows why. Not just what he's doing, but why.'

Ryan Semones

Financial Life Coach

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